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We offer different placement criteria and checkout how the benefited students share their light moments with us

  •   Poonam Devi
    “As a student, I learnt a lot during my training period at BTES. During the training I have learnt testing from the very first step which helped me a lot being a fresher. During our training sessions industry experts shared their experiences with us and gave tips on how to work in the real scenario in the company.I would like to thank BTES for developing my personality.”
  •   Swati Khoda
    “Training at BTES has provided me an in-depth knowledge about the technology and I am grateful to the entire staff at BTES who are very co-operative and with their support and guidance I got my job at Defacto as BDM.”
  •   Dapinder Kaur
    “I felt a very good learning environment here at BTES. Getting trained over here changed my life completely, in terms of my career. Theoretical knowledge as well as the practical real life examples helped me a lot to enter into an industry and then also to grow within the industry. So as a whole it was a great experience.”
  •   Vinayak Goel
    “My experience with BTES was great. I got to learn a lot of new things and had a good experience working with the different teachers, learning something new from everyone.”
  •   Parul Salgotra
    “Environment at BTES is much similar to any corporate office. Everything is planned and executed in the same manner. Trainers at BTES are very co-operative and test you at different situations which makes you do work better. I appreciate the time I spent here.”
  •   Vivek Khurana
    “Journey at BTES was a wonderful one and it lead me directly to one of the greatest job I could have got, The institution not only assisted in the studies but also kept in touch after the courses completion. Thank you BTES.”
  •   Sonal Bhasin
    “Experience was good. All the staff and especially my mentor Sandeep mam, supported a lot. Good learning experience I had here at BTES. My sincere thanks to this organization for motivating and supporting me.”
  •   Garima
    “Training at BTES was the best decision of my life. Learnt the basics of the testing. Timely experts sessions were organized to clear our doubts & to prepare us for company. Our trainer guide us on every step to make us understand everything about testing.”
  •   Rahul Gaba
    “It was a great learning experience for me at BTES. Each & every session of the training provided in depth as well as expert’s session on different advance topics. I observed improvement in myself from the very first day. Last but not the least, BTES provides the accurate & step by step knowledge.”
  •   Mukul Gupta
    “My experience at BTES was very good. I learnt a lot from here. I got individual (personal) attention from trainers i.e. Sandeep mam. Also I improved my communication skills & I gained a lot from here. I will always be thankful to Gaurav sir & BTES team.”
  •   Amandeep Singh
    “BTES played an important role in shaping my career as I was from programming background it provided me good testing skills. Also faculty members were very friendly & are masters of all testing skills. It was a great time that i spent here. I will never forget their efforts that made my future.”
  •   Preety Bawa
    “I have done the PHP training from BTES. It is a good institute for the training of PHP, Dot net etc. The BTES trainers are also doing great job. They give us knowledge about PHP and HTML. There is also an opportunity to develop our personality.”
  •   Sandeep Singh
    “I have completed training from BTES. Trainer in BTES give us full knowledge of PHP. It is good institute of training. Helps to develop personality.”
  •   Sahil
    “It's a is nice experience at BTES, All the staff of BTES are very good. Trainers of ASP.NET are very nice and well experienced in teaching and explaining the things so deeply.”
  •   Anubhav Bhasin
    “I was provided the complete SQA knowledge, with this complete knowledge I was able to clear my interview. Thank you, Dapinder mam, for being such a good mentor and Gaurav Sir, for providing HR knowledge. Had a wonderful experience at BTES.”
  •   Sunil Kumar
    “During the entire period of training, complete knowledge regarding SQA was provided. Our trainer was supportive. Special thanks to Gaurav Sir, because of his efforts I got placed in bebo technologies Pvt Ltd. And special thanks to my trainer Miss Dapinder Kaur who motivated me and supported me throughout my training.”
  •   Rupinder Sandhu
    “It is an awesome package of knowledge and personality growth.”
  •   Umesh Sharma
    “Excellent study material. Thanks for the entire support in placement.”
  •   Manisha Tanwar
    “BTES Thanks for giving me this opportunity.”
  •   Chandar Shekhar
    “BTES environment is very entertaining as compare to education or other activities. Excellent services and environment.”
  •   Arun Sharma
    “According to me the BTES experience is enjoyable and full of knowledge. My experience at the BTES is excellent and I have learned a lot of things from our Trainer Miss Anu Meha mam and my Batch friends. And I am Thankful of mam and BTES.”
  •   Manpreet Kaur
    “It was quite nice experience as a trainee in BTES. It provided me a learning atmosphere where I was able to sharpen my core concepts and have an overall grooming of my knowledge of Java. Moreover our mentor Mrs. Bijal didn't leave any stone unturned to clear our doubts. I also appreciate the efforts put by Umesh Sir.”
  •   Gurpreet Singh
    “My experience in BTES is good. I learned a lot here and they prepare students in such a way that they can confidently face the co-operate world.”
  •   Chandandeep Singh
    “It was wonderful experience in BTES. BTES helped me to learn basics of testing as well as the advanced technologies in testing. It helped me to crack interview in bebo.”
  •   Himanshu Vohra
    “Education material was good. Faculty was very co-operative and have good command on testing. Great experience under the teaching of Miss Sandeep mam.”
  •   Sandeep kaur
    “I learnt a lot from BTES SQA course. The training provided by the trainer helped a lot in my career. It was a great learning experience. I would like to thank BTES.”
  •   Ankur Verma
    “My experience at BTES was very good, I enjoyed a lot learning in the environment given.”
  •   Rajni Sharma
    “Got an environment where you can enhance your skills & faculty is available at every moment to solve your problems. Inspite of all this, justice is provided to your talent.”
  •   Atul, Julka
    “Good learning and co-operative.”
  •   Anoop Pahwa
    “Good learning, co-operative.”
  •   Amandeep
    “My experience in BTES was very good. Teachers are very helpful here. I am happy that I did my industrial training from BTES, and also I got placed in bebo technologies.”
  •   Hitesh Salgotra
    “Very Good. Staff was very helpful, kind and intelligent. They helped us at every step.”
  •   Vishal Dewan
    “Excellent and staff was very helpful and co-operative.”

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